Christmas Tour 2011


Kurt Nilsen will be playing Christmas concerts with his band and guest artist Christel Alsos around Norway from 20th November till 21st December.

7. November 2011 — Admin


Var på konserten i Olavshallen i går kveld. Takk for en magisk aften. En kjempegod konsert!
22. November 2011 — Helge Eilif Samuelsen
Du skal kommet til å utføre i Nederland.
26. November 2011 — Ruben DeMouge
En tripp till Sverige kanske? Vi är många som längtar...
20. December 2011 — Anna Lofors Sjögren
Hello Kurt, Best Wishes from Holland! We flew to Oslo to see you december the 10th 2011. It was great!! Big fan of yours, my husband and I. Hope to get the chance to see you perform again soon! Greetings, Jurgen and Simone Leerdam
2. January 2012 — Simone Leerdam
Hi all! Best Regards from Hungary. From 2004 I am the only one fan here in my country. I heard 5 seconds of his singing on a german television. It was like love at first listening. For me Kurt is the very best for more than 7 years I prepare to make my dream come true, seeing him alive and take part in one of his concerts. Or at least one chance to speak with thim and congratulate. Soon I come there and do this. Timea
4. January 2012 — Timea Lizak
Hej Kurt. Önskar du kommer till Sverige på konsert. När händer det tror du? Ta gärna Karlstad, så blir det nära =))). Youre amazing! Gott Nytt År!
5. January 2012 — Ritha
Kurt, please come to Moscow, Russia. Dreaming to visit your concert :)Your voice is amazing!!
13. January 2012 — Kate
Kurt, Please come to Czech Republic. We are like you ! :)
24. January 2012 — Michal
Hello Kurt ! You're really a great singer, you should be better known around the world. Please come in France, or in Quebec (Canada), we are waiting for you, guy ! MERCI !
17. April 2012 — Gaël
Hello Kurt. I bet that you get that all the time but i love your voice. Come to Poland for a concert, you have a lot of fans here just waiting to see you live. :) Grettings from Poland ... one of your biggest fans... One more thing... Can you tell me how can i get my hands on any of your albums becose in Poland they`re olmost unreachable unfortunately.
18. June 2012 — Bartek
I'm from america and I love your music !
11. August 2012 — Dawn mathena
wow. Kurt Nilsen you have the voice of a scaninavian angel. i dont know how i fell upon you on youtube, but damn boy, when i heard you sing it gave me the shivers... please dont ever fix your teeth or become too commercial. the simple, country stuff is wonderful! It's beautiful and rare and moving to hear a voice like yours with a guitar or two, not overly produced. Thank you, your voice touches straight to the heart and i dont care if you've already heard that a thousand times. Your a rare species. Love and bravo, Sophie
3. June 2013 — sophie crumb

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